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Darjeeling Premium CTC Black Tea - 500Gram

Natural Energy
Digestive Support
50 reviews

Octavius Assam CTC Premium Black Tea is sourced from the finest tea estates of the state of Assam. Millions of Indians use this tea every day to make traditional Indian Masala Chai with milk and spices. It creates a rich, strong, robust, full-bodied cup of tea and is perfect for brewing Masala Chai, Morning Breakfast tea, Chai Latte and Iced Black Tea.


TASTING NOTES: Earthy | Hints of Cinnamon | Bold

This delicious blend comes straight from the kitchens of India.  Every indian household has their own masala chai recipe passed down generations that hits nostalgia and brings everyone around for chai & conversation.


All our blends are  organic and made of natural ingredients with no additives. This tea includes Black tea ,ginger, black pepper,  cinnamon, ,cardamom, clove, hint of saffron.


This blend is Certified Organic as our all our products.

All our packs mention the level of caffeine or strength of tea  in the blend.
All our Functional Blends are Caffeine free.

No. We have 25 quality bio-mesh, bio-degradable tea bags packed in a paper Mono Carton that is recyclable.

Straight from our 23 Estates across India and Africa. Our estates are home to some of the world’s oldest tea factories. Check our packs to know more about the estates and where the teas are from.

Use this ingredient to make tasty tea


Ginger, the anti-inflammatory humble root helps to regulate blood glucose levels which aid in averting a mid-day energy crash.

Black Tea

The wake-up power of this tea is not only in its brawny aroma and invigorating taste, it also contains the amino acid L-theanine whose amino acids can support focus and alertness.

Black Pepper

Our Black Pepper is 100% Organic without any additives. Sourced from Kerala